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I have a strategy with weeds – to get rid of them before they flower and set seed. But weeds can be such pernicious, resilient things.

I’d weed the lawn till the back aches, knees cramp and fingers hurt. But yet they would spring back every time. They seem to grow faster than I can remove them.

And just when I thought I had the weeds under control, I saw it.

I was taken aback – first, how could it have escaped my notice? The weed was more than a foot tall. Next, its flowers were actually pretty! Dozens of tiny powderpuff flower heads peeked out between the legitimate flowers in the flower bed.

I couldn’t bear to pull the weed out. I left it to grow so that I could enjoy more of its lilac colored flowers.

Every day, I saw more of the pastel coloured flowers. But its delicate appearance belied its toughness.

Slowly a few of the more mature flowers browned. I knew that I would have to give up the plant soon.

When the weed started scattering its seeds, it had to go. But not before I had gathered a small posy for my vase.


Care and propagation : partial to full sun, not fussy about soil, water generously. Propagate using seeds (am I serious?)

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Autumn Colours

New Zealand dazzles in autumn. I saw gold and red everywhere but could not get enough of it.

There were berries and fruit, ripe for the picking.

Amongst fallen leaves and gumnuts, toadstools appear – yellow and scarlet, speckled and streaked.

And when the frost came and ice crystals dusted everything, Nature literally sparkled.

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