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It has deadly fangs. I can’t understand the logic. The idea is for insects and small creatures to fall into the pitcher and drown. But the sight of the fangs should actually send them running for cover.

Unfortunately for insects, the lure of the nectar-producing pitcher seems to be too strong. Many curious ants have slipped and fallen into the digestive fluids.

I too have fallen prey to the lure of the fangs. I was bitten by the bicalcarata fever two years ago when I saw and bought my first bicalcarata. It was just a flimsy, delicate juvenile barely 10 cm across.


A friend warned me that the adult bical would be big. I wasn’t too worried; it would be years before my bical would be a cause for concern.


Since then, I’ve acquired a couple more; each with different coloration but with the same trademark fangs just under the lid.

And each time I see a lovely bical, I have to resist the temptation. It looks as though I have been well and truly bitten.

Care and propagation
: mix of peat moss, pine bark, sand and perlite; moss topping; bright light, slightly shielded from the hot afternoon sun; water generously. Propagate from seed, using cuttings or by separating basal plants.

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