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Garden Ornaments

Wind chasers, birdbaths, toadstools, tortoises, ladybugs, garden gnomes… Each time I see one, I’d try to envision how it’d look in the garden.

I’d look for them at garden centres, flea markets and car boot sales. I’d bargain and plead.

I’ve lugged home ornaments from abroad that take up almost half my luggage space, and would hand-carry the fragile ones. I’d rather toss out my clothes or chocolates than sacrifice the garden ornament.

The lengths I’d go through …

But butterfingers has been known to carry an ornament all the way home without incident, only to chip it as soon it’s unpacked.

Chipped or not, these treasured souvenirs find their way to the garden, adding a tiny bit of whimsy to the place.

I should stop getting any more; especially since the latest ornament to catch my attention is a life-like lamb. Sounds crazy … especially since it’s life-sized too.

And it’s not cheap either. Now I’d really, really have to be crazy or desperate to buy that.


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Baeckea Frutescens

Ta da …!

Introducing one of the latest additions to our garden – the baekea frutescens!

I know many will ask, “What’s the big deal? Why pay so much for such a small plant?”

Why, indeed. After all, the baeckea frutescens looks quite ordinary at one glance.

But gran would have known and she would have bought one too. She loved bonsais and the baeckea frutescens makes a beautiful specimen.

 They were all tagged between rm100-350 at the first stall. Intimidating prices. Then came the whopper at stall no. 2 with its incredible rm9000 price tag. Crazy, I thought. Its fluid lines and beautifully streaked and fissured bark made it look like a living poem.

Beautiful … but I more interested in its nondescript needle fine leaves.

The first stall had sold baeckea frutescens tea bags too – and had let us sample some.

The refreshing tea is said to be a tonic and herbal treatment for fever, headache and rheumatism, among other things. Its pleasant aroma is much like the tea tree.

Stall no. 2 had some smaller plants so I chose one; at least these saplings were within my budget. I packed it myself and practically cradled it all the way home.

It’s been more than a month now and it’s growing ever so slowly, so it’ll be many more months before I can savor  a cup of baeckea frutescens tea.

Patience … patience …

Care and propagation: partial to full sun; poor, sandy soil; water moderately, letting soil dry out between waterings. Propagate using seeds or cuttings ( but I’ve yet to see anything germinating in the pot where I scattered some seeds)

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