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I must be seeing things. Creamy yellow flowers on variegated ivy? 

But the vision persisted; a trellis covered with ivy shaped leaves and daisy-like blooms. The leaves were fleshy; thicker and glossier. This wasn’t the regular ivy I knew, so what was it?

The plant wasn’t for sale but I helped myself to some of the seeds. My joy was short-lived though as none of them germinated.

what i saw at the garden centre

Then after three years, I found pots of the same plant at a garden centre!

And after all this time, I find out that it’s not a hedera after all but a Senecio Macroglossus Variegatus.

What a gem this Secenio must be for those who love the ivy but are allergic to it!

my secenio

My Senecio is adapting well and the leaves are lovely but I plan to feed it some flowering inducer soon and see if that can persuade it to bloom.

Wouldn’t it be great if that worked?

Care and propagation: filtered light; well-drained soil; water moderately. Propagate using cuttings or seeds.

waiting to see this bloom

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