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Salvia Coccinea

IMG_2121Salvia Coccinea flowers may be tiny but what they lack in size, they make up for in sheer numbers.

Each plant has multiple branches and every spike has dozens of buds and blooms. So that easily adds up.

What’s more, Salvia Coccinea self-seeds easily. Left unchecked, it could easily cover an entire flower bed.

Given the Salvia Coccinea’s prolific nature, it’s a mystery how it could have disappeared from the garden altogether when I planted it years ago. Could someone have mistaken the seedlings for weeds?

Anyway, I was thrilled to find it again at the garden centre a few months ago. So the same fire-engine red Salvia is back in the garden again.

IMG_2120With it, I found another Salvia Coccinea I’d never seen before; the coral nymph. This is as lovely as its name suggests. This soft pastel coral coloured salvia looks almost coy when juxtaposed with the more flamboyant red.

The Salvia Coccinea loves basking in the sun, and has been doing so until very recently. It is now struggling with the storms that have been battering the region almost every day.

The damp makes the salvia a fungal magnet and it’s a challenge keeping the fungus in check.

I wish the rain would let up. In fact, any more of it and I may need to do the rain dance in reverse.


Care and propagation: Full sun; well drained soil, water moderately. Propagate using seeds or cuttings




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IMG_1987Oranges and lemons sold for a penny

All the schoolgirls are so many…



‘Oranges and Lemons’ … first a myriad of childhood memories surfaced, then visions of sorbets and marmalade.

I loved the rose on the strength of its name alone; even before I saw it.

I took home a plant with a bud on the verge of releasing its tightly bound petal so I didn’t have long to wait.

The next day, the petals unfurled with bolder streaks of colour. And then I saw Oranges and Lemons in all its citrusy glory. And as I expected, it looked good enough to eat.


Care and propagation: full sun; light and well drained media, water generously, fertilize weekly. Propagate using cuttings


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