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IMG_6198sI was still in school when Dad’s friend gave him our first lot of asparagus plants. They grew well. But dad over-harvested and the poor plants met their maker.

I’ve always wanted an opportunity to try again but where we live, the asparagus isn’t a common garden vegetable, and I couldn’t find any at the garden centres.

Just as well, I guess. This gave me time to reassess our asparagus planting and harvesting techniques which were obviously flawed.

IMG_5849esMy second chance came a couple of years back. These plants were started from seed (not that I can take any credit for that) – they were a birthday present from a friend. They were also the most delicate things I had ever seen.

The seedlings took a while to settle in, but once they stabilized, their growth rate picked up. I love every stage of its growth.

First, a promising stout spear pushes its way out of the soil. This spear, like a gangly adolescent, grows very quickly; more than a couple of centimetres every day. It shoots skyward, branching into numerous slender arrows.

IMG_5533ebFinally, it metamorphoses into an ethereal mist of the softest, most delicate ferns.








My asparagus has been bearing tiny flowers but apparently there are both male and female forms. And since it takes two to tango, I wonder when I’ll ever get to see the berries.

So far, the asparagus has been growing for more than a year without incident.

Then, about a couple of months ago, an errant spear pushed its way through a pot I’d placed nearby. I tried to slide the spear out through the bottom of the pot, but it wouldn’t budge. I tugged harder and …(horrors!) the spear came away in my hands. The errant spear ended up in our stir-fry for dinner.IMG_4455page

I was quite relieved when the next spear emerged out of harm’s way. But when I checked on the spear that evening, it had been beheaded! Dad happily declared that he had picked it. Uh-uh, surely history isn’t going to repeat itself?

Care and propagation: Partial shade to full sun; well-drained soil, water moderately. Propagate using seeds or by division.




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