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IMG_4978_sCoreopsis, helianthus, melampodium … surely there’s more than enough yellow daisy-like flowers in the garden?

But noooo …. Someone’s hand still itched to get another.

Unfortunately, the first Euryops chrysanthemoides I saw was not for sale; it was part of a floral display at a floral festival.

The next time I saw the plant, I bought it faster than you could say Jack Robinson. Never mind that the plant was just a puny three inches tall.

But as with many of my first experiments, it expired all too soon.

And so I looked for it again.

I found the next Euryops chrysanthemoides at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens.



These were almost as tall as I was, and were about 10 feet wide! I had to touch it to make sure it was for real and was the same plant.

All this while I had thought that the Euryops chrysanthemoides was a small bedding plant. But what I saw in Melbourne showed me that it was anything but tiny. Silly me; its common name ‘African Bush Daisy’ should have given me a clue.

The amazing specimen served as an excellent backdrop for my picnic and strengthened my resolve to get a replacement.

IMG_4979_ssThen just a few months ago, I found my pot of gold!

It’s progress? … so far, so good.

And if anyone’s wondering, it’s still under 10 inches tall; a far cry from its gargantuan cousin Down Under.

I doubt if my little one will ever reach those incredible dimensions, but honestly, I’m quite contented with its diminutive height.

Care and propagation: Full sun; well-drained soil; water generously. Propagate using seeds or cuttings.



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