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IMG_0778sI have two grouses about one of the world’s most beautiful and popular plants. One, I always stumble over its spelling, and two, they always die on me.

The fuchsia and I have had several fleeting acquaintances in the past. I’ve always hoped that the fuchsia would take up permanent residency in our garden, but this wishful thinking never came to pass.

IMG_9074sMaybe I should be realistic and grow things with a better chance of survival in hot and humid conditions. But, that’s not me; I’m a glutton for punishment.

I bought yet another two fuchsias a couple of months ago. Why? There’s something about the fuchsia’s skirts, frills and flounces that I can’t resist.

But just which fuchsias did I get? I googled to check and saw an amazing line up of ballerinas, can-can and flamenco dancers. The myriad of pendulous forms and colours had me in a tizzy.  I couldn’t find the proper names for them, but no matter – as long as they survived.

I was advised to water the fuchsias well and to give them good air-circulation. Apparently these pernickety plants do not like wet feet; nor do they like the media to dry out.

For the moment, they are still alive; but for how long?


These past few days have been real scorchers, so things don’t look too rosy for my friends. I wonder if they have what it takes to pull through this acid test. I sure hope so.



Care and propagation: shade to bright light away from intense heat; compost; water generously; propagate using cuttings or seeds




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