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We never planted the cucumber, but there it was, in a bed covered with stones and pebbles.

20130925_181639sWe thought it wouldn’t survive, but it did. The gangly thing grew stronger and then surprise, surprise … it flowered!

The flowers were spots of sunshine in the otherwise colorless corner. Pretty, yes. But productive? Mmmm …20130921_133254s

What doubting Thomases we were. We didn’t expect the gangly vine to produce anything for the dining table.

But it did and proved us more than once.

The unassuming vine yielded cucumbers for salad and stir fries. And when we let the last cucumber age, we even had a lovely golden hued cucumber for soup.

It’s amazing how quickly the cucumber grows.

A tiny one-inch cucumber could grow to its full length within four to five days. Even the aged old cucumber didn’t take very long.


The vine was short lived and expired soon after we harvested the last old cucumber.

But I’ve a hunch that that cucumber plant is the precursor of many more to come.

Care and propagation: full sun, garden loam or compost soil, water generously; propagate using seeds.





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