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With a name like that, I expected something of epic proportions.

The brugmansia Supernova lived up to its illustrious name. A gardening enthusiast had shared photos of his trophy; my jaw dropped. The pendulous trumpets measured at least 10 inches in length!

But what’s so special, one might ask.

The Angel’s Trumpet may be a dime a dozen up in the cool tropical highlands, but they are as rare as hen’s teeth where I am; where temps can soar beyond 40 degrees in the afternoons.

I’ve always been cautioned against getting any brugmansias from the highlands. “They’ll never bloom for us,” my friends advised.

IMG_0078The amazing thing was that the Supernova was thriving and blooming in all its luminescent glory in hot humid conditions!

Always a fan of the Angel’s Trumpet, I was delighted when I finally got a few cuttings of the B. Supernova and managed to grow them in the garden.

And when the Supernova’s first buds formed, I almost held my breath.

Overnight, the buttery yellow buds burst forth into full ivory-coloured trumpets.  The Angel’s Trumpet; truly an inspired creation of God.



Care and propagation: Partial shade, well drained soil, water generously. Propagate using cuttings


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